I’m Running for Delegate Because I Want to Make a Difference!

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I want to help people lead productive lives and ensure our communities thrive. We must all work together to give our children the world-class education and skills they need to compete in today’s global workforce. We need to grow our communities in fiscally smart and environmentally sustainable ways and ensure the viability of our small businesses, agricultural, and food-related industries. (I will not take donations from developers.) I will work to ease the burden on hard-working families, seniors, and others struggling to make ends meet. I will work to create a clean energy economy and protect our beautiful Chesapeake Bay. My campaign is a grassroots movement. I will take your voice to our State House and fight for you. But I need your help to get to Annapolis!

Steven Bolen. Right for Maryland. Right for District 9A!

Believe in These Three Pillars of Democracy

I. We Have the Right to Vote Which Shall Not be Abridged

Government – that is, good governance, starts locally with you and your neighbors, not top-down from Annapolis or Washington,D.C.

II. We Have the Right to Peaceful Assembly and to be Heard

Government is accountable to us; and it is required to be transparent in its actions and activities.                                                          

III. We Have the Right to Live Free and to Pursue Our Dreams

Government’s purpose is to provide for the common good, deliver essential services, and protect our health, safety, and well-being.

My Committment to Serve Centers on You!

I will take your voice to Annapolis and I will fight for …